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Join the conversation with Actor/Director/Producer Jim Klock and Nathan Gist as they discuss strategies and provide resources for overcoming fear and self doubt to physically, mentally and emotionally perform at your best no matter what side of the camera you may be on.

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“Every time we make a film, we are chasing dreams. How blessed are we who get to do it.”

Jim Klock


Jim Klock

Actor and filmmaker, Jim Klock has had much success acting in projects such as, the Academy Award-winning film “Green Book” with Viggo Mortensen, and Mahershala Ali, “Underground Railroad”, written and directed by Barry Jenkins, “The Whole Truth”, opposite Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellweger; “Deepwater Horizon”, with Mark Wahlberg; “True Detective”, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson; “The Astronaut Wives Club” on ABC; and as Detective Chisolm alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts on FOX’s “Scream Queens”. Jim also starred in the Warner Bros. Feature Film “Alex & Me” alongside soccer superstar Alex Morgan, has a recurring role on the hit Marvel series, “Cloak & Dagger”. He starred in  Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series in the Season One Finale titled “Pure” as well as starring alongside Thomas Haden Church, Trai Byers, and Mykelti Williamson in “The 24th” directed by Oscar Winner Kevin Willmott and next will be seen starring along side Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones in “The Burial”, and in “Mort in Sherman Oaks” starring Lucy Hale and Jim Gaffigan as well as guest starring on season two of “Leverage: Redemption”.

Jim’s passion for filmmaking also includes producing, directing, and creating digital media. Jim has produced several films, including “The Trials of Cate McCall” with Kate Beckinsale and Nick Nolte; “There’s Always Woodstock”, with Katey Sagal and Brittany Snow; “Patient Seven”, with Michael Ironside; and “A Christmas Arrangement” which premiered November 2018 on Lifetime. Most recently Jim produced the feature film, “Already Gone” alongside Keanu Reeves starring Sean William Scott and directed by Chris Kenneally released theatrically September 2019. Jim’s directing credits include “Red Letters” (2019), “Murder Eleven” (2013), “River Guard” (2016), “Massacre on Aisle 12” (2016), “6:66PM: Evil Has an Hour to Kill” (2017) which premiered at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in November 2017 and won the Best Comedy Feature Film Award and he both directed and starred in “Slayed” (2020) which premiered as an Amazon Prime Exclusive Release. Jim has even created a digital comedic series called “Interrogations Gone Wrong” in which Keanu Reeves and Jason O’Mara have guest starred.

A decorated veteran police officer and former undercover narcotics detective, Jim worked and trained in many areas of law enforcement, including SWAT tactics, hostage negotiations, undercover operations, narcotics interdiction, interviews/interrogations, crime scene processing, and evidence collection. He was also an instructor in the areas of narcotics investigation, community policing, officer survival, defensive tactics/Krav Maga. Jim now teaches an 8 hour intensive training class at the regional law enforcement academy titled “Introduction to Acting for Undercover and Plain Clothes Officers”. His experience in law enforcement inspired him to direct his first feature length documentary “The Thin Black Line” which features the challenges minority law enforcement officers face today and producing “Service and Sacrifice” for the National Law Enforcement Museum. ↗

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Nathan Gist is an Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Radio Host, Business Owner, Husband, and Father. As a High Performance Life Coach and Professional Hypnotist Nathan has taught thousands of people how to overcome fear and anxiety, build confidence, and improve the quality of their life. Time and time again fear stops more people than failure ever will and if you have ever found yourself in a position where fear has held you back then now is the time to make a change.  From federal agents, actors, and entrepreneurs to stay at home moms; Nathan designs programs customized to each individual or group’s needs. Drawn to acting and improv early in life, Nathan loves having the opportunity to connect and create experiences for individuals and audiences. From performing in competitive plays to creating the first international improv troupe in Bangkok, Thailand; Nathan enjoys bringing passion and inspiration to both life and the stage.  While working as an On-Air Radio Host for almost 20 years; Nathan’s also been given the unique opportunity of working with some of the top music artists in the industry. When the pressures to perform at the highest level create fear, doubt and the feeling of being an imposter; it’s time to call Nathan.  Approaching life with humor, fun, and faith Nathan’s main drive is to connect and train your mind on how to break free of self doubt and limiting beliefs. Utilizing professional coaching, NLP, hypnosis, and some good ole’ mental hustle; Nathan brings real and actionable solutions to life.

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